Workplace Safety Inspections

Know how safe your people are working at height or high risk

Workplace Safety Inspections

Workplace Safety Inspections

Heights safety audit

Why should I have a workplace safety inspection?

The most important factor when someone is working at height or in a high risk workplace is to ensure they are working safely and that the risk of accident or injury is reduced as much as possible.

Unfortunately there are some workers who are either uneducated on their obligations, unaware of safety standards that govern and affect their work or knowledgeable workers who choose not to abide by them.

You might be:

  • In charge of hiring contractors to work on your building
  • A business who contracts out work to a third party
  • A business that employs staff to carry out heights or high risk jobs

In all of the above situations you are liable for the safety of the workers on your work site.

Get a work site audit

Instead of trusting that all workers are competent, an independent audit of the workplace will reveal any issues that don’t comply with health and safety legislation.

Workplace Safety Inspections

What is a high risk workplace?

Workplace Safety Inspections

What is a high risk workplace?

Anyone who is working in a place where there is a higher risk of injury such as when working with chemicals or machinery, working at height or in a confined space.

Workplace Safety Inspections

What is working at height?

Workplace Safety Inspections

What is working at height?

This can range from a worker using a ladder to abseiling from the side of a building, or any structure at height. The definition of working at height is: anywhere a worker can fall and injure themselves.

Workplace safety inspection service

We can audit either with subcontractors or workers in a ride along situation, or from a viewing position to quietly observe, only stepping in or making contact if injury or damage is imminent or there are major safety concerns.

We will never willingly allow unsafe acts happen and will endeavour to prevent accidents and incidents. Inspections can be as and when required.

For peace of mind and to ensure that you are complying with health and safety guidelines, the certified and highly qualified Skill Lab team can assess your work site safety.

High risk work safety
Site safety audit
Follow up is encouraged especially with difficult workers or subcontractors of high risk work

Audit Reports

You will receive an audit report containing a high level of information and photographic evidence including:
  • Audit times and locations
  • Observations and issues noted
  • Habits and activities, work ethics and descriptions
  • Quality of work
Defect reports can accompany work site audits. This is an additional service but can highlight poor workmanship and/or dangerous practices on site. Defect reports contain:
  • Corrective measures, suggestions and possible solutions
  • Identification of remedial work or training
  • Suggestions or solutions, even if from a third party

We’re certified to carry out a work site audit

We have a combined 20 years of experience working at heights and in high risk workplaces. We keep current with legislation and can advise on best practice.

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