Safety Equipment Inspection Service

We inspect and tag equipment used for heights safety

Safety Equipment Inspection Services
Safety equipment inspection service

Why should I have my safety equipment inspected?

Inspection of work equipment plays a vital role in protecting the safety of the workers and technicians who use it. Equipment that has not been inspected by a competent person can result in injury or harm.

Not only is it important to regularly check all safety equipment to protect from accidents or incidents, it is required by law.

Safety equipment can fail and without inspection and maintenance, items of equipment can have faults that remain undetected for prolonged periods of time. This can result in an increased risk of injury or harm to your workers.

There should never be any doubt about the continued serviceability of an item of safety equipment.

Get your safety equipment inspected to comply with current legislation

Inspection is critical in ensuring the continued safety of workers using life supporting equipment.

Safety Equipment Inspection Services

Who can inspect safety gear and how frequently should it be checked?

Safety Equipment Inspection Services

Who can inspect safety gear and how frequently should it be checked?

Safety equipment has a shelf life and won’t last forever. All safety equipment must be inspected regularly to ensure that it’s still safe to use and hasn’t deteriorated. Even if the equipment looks ok it is strongly recommended and best practice to get a certified person to inspect and test each item.

All Skill Lab team members hold current NZQA unit standard:19359 to inspect and maintain equipment.

There are set minimum strength standards for different types of equipment. A certified person will know whether a piece of equipment should be retired or still has enough integrity to be in service.

There’s no set frequency as it varies between organisations, what type of equipment and how the equipment is being used.

Safety Equipment Inspection Services

What’s involved in a safety equipment inspection?

Safety Equipment Inspection Services

What’s involved in a safety equipment inspection?

The specifics of the inspection varies between the types of equipment being tested. Equipment inspection might include checking the age; whether the item has been damaged in any way such as from cuts, tears, sun damage, rubbing, corrosion, chemicals, melting; the general condition; whether there’s any stitching damage; the operation of the item etc.
Sometimes items will have recall notices issued and these will be obtained through our supplier network or through our industry contacts.

Safety equipment inspection service

We offer an efficient safety equipment inspect service, the process is:

After an initial discussion we’ll present you with a plan of action based on the amount and type of equipment you have that needs to be inspected.

We can visit your organisation to inspect and tag your safety equipment on-site at a time that is convenient for you.

We can create a safety equipment register that can be sent to you after the inspection so that you have a log for future use. This is useful to keep track of all equipment, purchase date, usage and retirement details.

Safety equipment check
Inspect safety equipment
The safety equipment we inspect includes
  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards
  • Ropes
  • Slings
  • Safety lines
  • Abseil devices
  • Carabiners
  • Helmets
  • Shock absorbers

We inspect abseiling, climbing and rope access equipment to New Zealand legislation standards

(AS/NZS 1894.4:2009)

We can create an easy to use safety equipment register for you if you wish to help you keep track of all the equipment in service or retired.

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