Health and Safety Consultants

Get the best health and safety systems to keep everyone safe

Health and safety consultants
Health and safety consultants

Meet your health and safety responsibilities

The purpose of the Health and Safety at Work act 2015 is to ensure that anyone in the workplace is kept safe from as much risk as possible within reason.

Everyone has responsibility and must work together to ensure this happens – business owners, managers and workers alike.

It starts with having health and safety systems that work for your business.

Businesses – are primarily responsible for their workers, related workers and anyone at risk from the work being carried out.

Owners and Officers – ensure that health and safety systems are in place and current.

Workers – protect themselves and others and follow procedures provided by the business.

Visitors – must keep themselves safe and adhere to any instructions provided

Health and safety consulting

Health and Safety Consulting

Our health and safety consultants can help you manage work risks.

We can:

  • Review your current Health and Safety systems in line with Health and Safety at Work 2015 legislation
  • Check your company documents and systems for relevancy and can advise on how to improve
  • Design online digital health and safety systems
  • Create Job Hazard Analysis, Accident/Incident documents to your business’s specific requirements
  • Address any work site access issues and formulate rescue plans
  • Provide any general heights consultancy

Get your health and safety systems reviewed

We can improve your systems and make sure they comply with current H&S legislation

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